Operations protocol against the Covid-19

At Zig Zag Rental we are commited to comply with all the safety rules announced during the decreed confinement. Our main labor is helping every production company and technicians minimizing any risk as much as we can before, during and after every single one of our activities.

Gear rental is our main service, along with transport and equipment advice. These services are now extended with new resources such as video codification and streaming throughout safe environments, as well as express home delivery of the equipment and out of working hours availability in order to solve any emergency.

From beginning to end, we want to convey our professionalism for the peace of mind of all the people who trust us.

Facilities and equipment

Our activity spaces will be carefully kept disinfected through ozone generators and disinfectants with bactericide efficiency for surfaces and areas according to the normative TP2 of the Health Ministry. Contact on surface, spray, immersion and manual cleaning products (with a product diluted in water or the pure product itself) will be used for the cleaning of equipment bound to be manipulated by professionals or general public.

Our equipment will be disinfected on a routine basis before and after every shooting. The equipment will conserve our certificated seal of “disinfected equipment”

Workers, technicians and general public

Gloves, face masks and aseptic line complements will be provided to every worker in the company, as well as those technicians who check the equipment in-house prior to a shooting and any general public who enter our facilities.
In order to preserve the minimum safety distance, we have enabled new checking areas which will be limited and marked on the floor.

Those markings and limitations share the purpose of avoiding people affluency in them. The checkings’ timetables will be scheduled previously with the technicians or the production company.

Any person, being from the camera department or any other department (transport, production assistants, etc…), clients who manipulate our equipment or use in any way the equipment during the renting period should, as much as possible, comply with all the praxis involved on avoiding contagion of the virus.